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Word Given To The Birthed Ones

Susan Cummings

The power that I have given you is to be used with great wisdom and with great reverence and with great fear. For the power that I have given you is My life itself and it is My life that lives within you and it is My life that will be revealed through you. My power and My wisdom I give you are to be used only as I speak and guide you to, for yes, great trials and great destruction, and great events are coming upon the world, as I have shown you.

But you must use wisdom and you must use discretion and you must reverence Me and not go about your own ways and release My power foolishly, but you allow Me to flow freely through you as I guide you.

My hand will move through you, but you must not seek as others seek, you must see through My eyes and you must see what I am doing in the midst of things. For many will make false assumptions, and they will make false judgments when they see things happening on the earth.

They won’t understand what I am doing in it, for they will only look at the chaos, they will only look at the event, they will only look at the facts and they will only look at the surface, and they will only see what is happening on the external.

But they won’t see what I’m doing underneath. They won’t see what I’m doing on the inside. They won’t see what I’m working through all of the events. But I want you to see what I’m doing through the events, I want you to see what I’m doing underneath. Why the events are happening.

Do not look to the circumstances, and do not look to what you see, but ask Me to open your eyes. For I will show you what I am doing in the Spirit through the natural events, and you will have the keys.

You will know what to do, and you will know how to be redemptive in My power, and you will know even in the judgments that you will release, how to redeem, and bring men unto Myself, because you will see what My hand is doing, and you will know what I am doing, and you will walk and you will work in alignment with Me.

So yes, you must keep your eyes on Me. You must hear me. You must take heed to My voice, and you must not follow men, and you must not follow the consensus, and the opinions of others, but you must heed My voice and you must listen, and decree those things that I tell you to.

For I will open your eyes, and you will see, and you will speak forth My Words, and I will perform them in the earth, and you will see My hand save many, even in perilous times. Do not fear, but stand, and listen, and I will surely guide you.

Things will not be as man thinks. Things will not be as they see. They see one thing, but they do not see that I am working in the background, and men will make false decisions, and men will get caught up in the fear, they will get caught up in the pressures. Men will make false decisions, and they will make choices ahead of My will.

But I say to you, stand firm, and do not run, stand firm, and fear not, do not run with those that will run. I say, STAND, and be still, and silent, and listen to My voice. Because many will run, and many will move, and they will panic, and many will succumb under the pressures.

But I say, fear not, and stand in the midst of all things, and listen to My voice. For My voice will tell you what to do. My voice will tell you what to do in your area. And if you take heed to My voice, I will save many in your area, and you will see My salvation. If you will take heed unto Me and listen and obey Me.

You have learned the Key to standing in the Secret place. You have learned to Key to be united with Me, and you have joined yourself unto Me, and you will clearly see as you remain abiding in Me. But many have not joined Me. They have not chosen to trust Me, and have not given themselves completely to Me.

So they will falter under the flow of the world. They will falter under in the fears of men, and in the darkness, and the things that would come upon the earth. And they will succumb to those things, because they are not up in the Heavenlies where I Am.

I say to you, stand firm in your stance. Do not descend into the affairs of men, but remain united with Me, and joined to Me in the Spirit.

Maintain your place so that you can help many in the body.

Maintain your peace and maintain your focus.

Maintain your hearing and set your ears upon My breast.

And maintain your eyes upon My face, and do not leave the place of grace that I have placed you in.

For you must stand and hear My voice. You must stand when others run. You must stand when others fall. You must hear My voice and My plan, and you must speak My Words when I tell you to, so that many can be saved. So that My body can stand, and mature.

Even in perilous times, I will raise up a wonder in the earth.

Even in perilous times, I will birth My people.

Even in perilous times, will I cleanse them.

Through the terror, will I refine them and separate them, and will they finally trust Me.

If you will obey Me, I will use you to help them, and to cause them to stand strong in the END.

March 18, 2006-

Susan Cummings

The Glorious Generational Garment Emerges

Susan Cummings

In each generation, I move in the earth to construct a people for Myself through which I will be seen. I always have an expression in the earth. During that process of construction, there is a variety of obstacles and challenges that each generation has to overcome in order to become that finished product. With the variety of obstacles and challenges also comes the insertion of free will and its subsequent choices made during the process. This adds to the overall presentation that is displayed and seen amongst the nations.

The relationship between man and creator has been separated due to sin, so the influence of sin, decay, death, flesh, and the devil has also added to the process. I have continually provided the way for men from each generation to return to Me and be restored fully to Me, and to reconnect their spiritual relationship and communications with Me. But not all choose to return to Me. Many choose to live in the lower expanse and make their abode among the carnal creation.

But I am doing an amazing work in the earth in this final generation. I am gathering those who desire full My Covenant relationship, and full communion with Me. Those who have laid down their lives before Me and have chosen to be separated from the natural carnal creation and it's system of works and lifestyles. Many have come to Me and have heard the call and have cleansed themselves from the structural defilements of man, flesh, and sin, and have desired to walk with Me in deeper ways.

I have now opened the fountains of the deep to those who have thirsted after righteousness. I have brought forth a deeper flowing of My Spirit and am pouring into those prepared vessels who have cleaved unto Me. I am opening up the Mysteries and the things hidden from the babes and the wolves. I am inserting the Holy things of My Spirit into worthy vessels who only desire Me and to be available to Me. I am fashioning a new Generational Garment in the earth.

This Generational Garment will be one of the fullness of My 7 Spirits clothed within and infused throughout My Body. It is a Living Garment. A garment of Living Colors just as Joseph also was a type and shadow of. It is time for the Flaming Joseph's to come forth and to rule upon their heavenly seats and govern all that is in My Kingdom. I am unfolding a Kingdom that is eternal through earthen vessels. The Kingdoms of men will be laid waste and become the Kingdoms of our God. The Battle is the Mine and it has only just begun. The pangs of travail and the battle for the generational birth is finished, for the birthing process I have wrought is fulfilled.

Now comes the war over the Truth and the Kingdom seed. When the devil is cast down, great wrath is unleashed against the structures of men, and all that is not Mine will suffer under that war. All that is not clothed with Me and a part of Me will fall under the wrath of men and the devil. For great is the lust and greed of their darkened hearts.

The war has just begun. The generals are gathering in the heavens and in the earth. For the Day of the Lord is at hand and the final series of choices will now be made. Great is the anticipation of the heavenly hosts and witnesses as they watch the final generation display the Lords works in the earth. The Heavenly Infused Robed Company Generation arises and assembles as all gather to the call.

The greatest portions of revelation have been reserved for those who will walk in the greatest darkness in these final hours, to bring forth those who are bound in them. These great revelations are part of the many colors that are infused into the garment the Final Generation Company wears. The Word fully unfolded, brings forth such clarity, truth, and life, that it literally transforms all that it touches. The Word will be displayed through earthen vessels in this final generation, in such a way that has not been seen until now. There is such a need for Truth and Light that it demands radical change. These radical ones have been changed by the Word in such a way that it is being infused within them and it will pour out of them, as living Light.

Just as Moses had to veil his face when He descended from the Mount with the Father, so shall they also shine as they are brought forth to be the last witnesses in the final hour. But there will be no veils put on the faces in this generation, but they, openly beholding the Lord and His Glory, face to face, will do His will in the earth.

The Word will be displayed for all to see and to choose to embrace, or not. The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas, through a generation company that is infused with the Living Glory of the Word. The Word will judge all men. The forces of darkness and darkened men will gnash at the light that is now going to come forth and great will be the war thereof.

It is this glorious work that I am even now introducing into the earth. I am doing a strange work, and many question it's birthing. But all will see that the work that I bring forth will be Me. I will live through My vessels and be seen.

There will be no doubt, no room for error, or flesh. What I fashion is My Image within My People. The images of men will fall before Me as I move in the earth. I will bring forth a glorious church as I bring down all the false things and idols. The earth will know the difference between the children of God and the seed of demons and of men, before I return.

So the war comes, and the separation widens and the eyesight of many becomes clearer, and the choices are made. The Generational Garment of the last Generation will be the most Glorious of all, for I will be seen in it. For all things will have been accomplished, and My eternal Kingdom will be established.

-Susan Cummings


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