Friday, April 14, 2006

The Final Gathering Has Sounded

The Final Gathering has sounded. For I have summoned My Hosts and the
alignments have begun to separate and to assemble. Much is yet to form,
but the movement is making it’s activity known. Such is the dawning of
the New Sound and the entrance has ignited the hosts of both sides to a
new measure of strategy and of enforcement. All serves it’s purpose and
the skirmishes bring maturity to the ranks.

I have allowed a season of transition to prepare men for the changes
that must come. For the unveiling has released the hidden ones and the
full revelation will now come as they make their moves. All that has
been feeding in secret will come forth for the Light has forced the
cloaks to be dispelled. Much that has been at the forefront has only
been a screen for the lower levels that have awaited their day.

The abyss has been opened and the next wave comes forth. All that was
imbedded has now been uprooted and the embarrassment of many will be
proven and seen as the players come out of their dark vaults. Nothing
that remains can hide, for all that is hidden is making it’s way up. I
am shaking the very foundations and they will burst forth with fury and
venom. What is destined for the sword goes to the sword.

New Sounds come forth as the movements now increase. I am bringing forth
the new commands upon My Winds but they must be heeded as they are given
to the faithful that have trained their ears to hear. The training is
over and now the assembly and formulation is being laid out. New levels
of hearing awaken the ears as the gathering comes from within. What was
formerly understood will not be even thought of, for the new players
come forth with higher weapons and unbridled hatred for all.

Nothing will stand that stands in the flesh or after the former ways.
For all that I have wrought is now coming to fruition within you, and
what I have laid within you, will be heard and understood as it awakens
from within. As you stand strong and continue to listen, and allow it’s
full workings, all will unfold and the revelation will be complete. The
preparation is now over. From within you, and upon you, will I be seen.
What I have given no man can take credit for. For I bring forth even as
I have declared it.

Never again will man say that he is God. For I alone will be seen. What
I have wrought will awaken the full measure that has been held back. I
will loose the winds and it will blow it’s course and it will show it’s
true form. What men and demons have aligned themselves to accomplish
will only serve to bring forth the Truth and it will break open the
final seals. Sounds of marching can be heard in the trees if the hearer
can discern the hour.

Great storms will awaken across the lands as the hatred of the abyss
forms it’s final strategy and organizes. Much will serve to fuel them as
the hearts of men harden. Years of arrangements have now been given the
release to begin so the separating will begin more in earnest as the
allegiances are tested. What was sworn in secret will be given out in
the open as the time is now here. The fruit blooms upon the rod, yet men
do not see. But the rod will be seen and understood.

What was sworn in times of peace will be extracted in times of war. For
the heart foolishly aligns when it thinks it has been unseen in its
actions, but what was allowed will run it’s course, and it will be
reaped as the covenants fall. What was intended to unite will only
devour. For the covenant of death only feeds upon that which it has been
given. All that is destined for the devourer is given it’s full course.

All follows after it’s kind and is given it’s measure in which it was

The time of transition closes and breaks upon a day of sobriety as the
plumb line has laid it’s mark and the ancient landmarks are being
returned to their rightful positions. The battle over positions has only
begun, but through it all the true leaders will rise and fulfill their
parts. All is in readiness.

The tide has changed with the release of the new winds. The next waves
come and rapidly descend. But all of Mine listen to the sounds of the
Gathering and heed the Voice from within, and stand upon My Mountain.
All that comes forth is written on the pages, as the ranks assemble in
their stages. Nations in upheaval will flow into their courses as the
tides force the masses to their places.

But the righteous ignite with glorious faces as they behold the Lord of
all Ages.

-Susan Cummings


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