Tuesday, March 14, 2006


"My Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, I am going to tell you something about White Buffalo Calf Woman and you shall soon know why the evil ones hate you so, why they fear you, and why they have tried to kill you over and over. You will understand, My Little One, why they have stolen from you over and over so that you would not have the means to do many things in this world. I will show you why the evil ones are full of rage against you and why they are full of envy and jealousy. I will show you why they try to bury these works any way they can and why they watch your every move and listen to your every conversation. Yes, My Child, I shall show you this and then you and others the world over will understand who White Buffalo Calf Woman is and what I am about to do through you, My Child, through White Buffalo Calf Woman.

My Little One, I have carved you out of the stars and I have bathed you in the wind of My Spirit. I have molded and shaped you in the fires of destiny and I have burned My will in you with the hardness of a diamond and with the brilliance thereof. I have made you like the ocean waves and I have put within you the peace of the morning sun. Yes, these things and more I have put into you, My Child, that when the time was right, all these things would be known, that they would all be manifest. My Little One, you are as old as the hills and I have put in you My wisdom, which is wiser and ever superior to any of the stealth and cunning of the serpent,

In this life, My Little One, you have suffered much. You have endured the ridicule and mockery of you own family members and the hatred of those, who call themselves My prophets, but are not. You have born the persecution of the so-called Christians, the blind, who are leading the blind. You have suffered beneath the mocking and scorning, the persecution, the murderous rampages, the rapes and the torture of the Satanists, and My Little One, you have born it well. In your silence, you have wept alone, but when you were lonely and weak and full of sorrow and had no one to comfort you, I sent My angels and I made your journey light.

Your road has been full of thorns and boulders and pebbles and you have walked barefoot across these, and alone in your silence, you have trekked the desert of despair. For, what I have given you, My Little One, has been a journey. It has been cut out and molded especially for you and you, My Child, have been called, even before the foundations of this Earth, and you have been prepared and molded for this day and hour, for this very time. Yes, My Child, this is your destiny; for you were indeed predestined to be in the Earth at this time and to serve Me and to walk before Me as White Buffalo Calf Woman.

There are many, who will come forth and claim to be White Buffalo Calf Woman. Yes, My Child, the evil ones have many White Buffalo Calf Women clones and they continue to fine-tune them to get the best replica of you, but know one thing, My Little One. This is laughable and in due season I shall not only destroy all clones, I shall destroy all, who had any part in the cloning of you, or anyone else.

Yes, My Child, the world is full of madness and it is full of trickery; but My work shall go forth and it shall not be stopped. The work of White Buffalo Calf Woman, My work through you, My Child, shall go forth and it shall not be stopped. For, I have created you, My Child, and here in this Earth at this time I have put you through great tests. I have put you though great trials and you have passed them all. Now, My Little One, greater things await you.

The nature of this work, My Child, you cannot comprehend; for you shall attempt to understand it with a human mind; but you cannot, for this work is supernatural. It is divine and cannot be processed by the closed nature of human thinking.

Yes, My Child, soon you and a few others shall be given supernatural bodies. As you have asked for this, it is at hand. This is the very first round of any in the whole Earth, who will receive such bodies and it is because the work of these few demands this at this time. This is near, Little One, and the evil ones dread this day.

Oh, they thought that if they raped you, this would defile you and then you would not be worthy. They were so certain that if the raping did not destroy your spirit, that the multiple plagues that they injected in you, would. Yes, they injected you low on the hips, believing that none would notice when you were found dead. And, with your husband out of town for a week, they had their mortuary stooges on hand to certify your death as that of natural causes. Yes, they were so certain that you would be dead that they rushed forward with their own cloned White Buffalo Calf Woman, who is now giving advice to the world. But, My Little One, as usual they are wrong again. So, it is now befitting, My Little One, that I am sending spirits of insanity upon the clones and the cloners."

"Praise You, Father!" (Let it be noted that on Monday, the 24th of May, the day following this attempted murder multiple rapes, President of Vice, Richard Cheney, was in Little Rock, Arkansas to pick up my dead body! This truth has been revealed to me this very day since our Father gave this message.)

"Yes, My Child, they gave it their best shot to get rid of you before you would get a supernatural body, but all their deadly injections only turned to water once they hit your body and the defiling of your body by the rapists did not defile you. This heinous thing only defiled them. Yes, My Child, they are defiled and sentenced to some of the worst and most agonizing kinds of deaths and tortures imaginable!

While they mock and scorn you and celebrate what they have done, it is you, My Child, who will get the last chuckle. For, what has been done by them shall be a final nail into their coffins."

"Praises to Your Holy Name, Father!"

"And, you, My Child, shall now be empowered in such a way that you could not conceive of it even in your wildest imaginings! For, now, My Little One, the full power of White Buffalo Calf Woman is about to be given to you! You shall soon take these reigns and like an angel upon the wind, you shall ride, My Child! With coals of fire upon your feet, you shall walk upon your enemies. And, with love, My great love in your heart, My Little One, you shall heal the sick and you shall raise the dead! You shall manifest provisions and you shall bring the miraculous to the sick, the lonely, the addicted, the lost, the dying, the weak, and the hurting.

Your face shall be seen in the clouds among the oppressed and they shall hear My song of comfort as it flows from your lips. In a flash, you shall appear among the needy and the lost and in a flash you shall be gone. All over the world, the weak and the hurting shall know White Buffalo Calf Woman; for you shall ride upon the wind and the waves shall be beneath your feet.

For, you, My Child, shall go forth with My great power in you, the power of thousands of dimensions and you shall be a continual thorn in the side of Satan, Lucifer, the devil! With the fire of your feet, you shall burn them to ashes and you shall walk over their dead bodies! Out of your mouth shall come a sharp sword, which will cut them to shreds. This sharp sword shall lay waste to their kingdom and to their best-laid plans.

It is you, My Child, who will help to unite My people the world over. I will send you to the lost of every sick tribe and you will minister to them the world over. They will see you in their midst and then you will be gone, but they will k now that you are the White Buffalo Calf Woman; for they will see you on a White Buffalo, sometimes with My Son and at other times alone.

You will come quickly and you will leave quickly, but your message will always be the same: ‘Love your Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High God. Love His Beautiful Son, Jesus, who is Savior of all of mankind and love one another; for the end is near and you must cease to lie. You must cease to steal. You must stop your greedy and covetous ways. You must submit to the Creator of All and you must put Him first. If you will not repent of your gross fornications, if you will not repent of your murders, and if you will not come away from your witchcraft and return to the Creator of All, you will descend into the fiery pits and there you will be for a very long time. Arise from your slumber! Arise from your sleep and submit yourselves to the Savior of all of humanity, Jesus, who is also known as Yeshua and Yahshua, among other names. You must cease the anger. You must cease the jealousy. You must cease the retaliation, and you must forgive that you may be forgiven. You must love even your enemies, that you will also be loved! Do not continue to waste your life force in hate and rebellion; for this is a cancer upon you. This very thing will destroy your soul. You must love one another. You must forgive one another and you must sow kindness; for as you sow, you also reap’

And, these things and more you will say to them, My Child, and you will bring great miracles into their midst. You will have 360-degree vision, for you will have 360-degree DNA and the evil ones will hate you all the more and they will devise many plots to snare you and to kill you. But, you will not die at their hands, for this I have promised. And, you will not visit their concentration camps and their jails. This, I have also promised!

Nevertheless, My Child, they will hate you with a great hate day by day and they will devise many schemes against you; but have no fear and have no concern, for just as I saved Daniel, I will continue to save you! And, just as I saved Elijah, I will save you! So, be at peace, My Little One, for My mighty work for you is now at hand.

And for those, who long to hear from Me through you, I will allow for posts a while longer, but there will not be more books, only additional posts, which will be kept nonetheless in sequence and these will be called, ‘The Adventures of White Buffalo Calf Woman.’ These, you will add, My Child. Some will be messages from Me and My Son and some will involve the awesome things that you do, if and when I allow you to see these things and to know them. For many things you will do and your conscious memory will not know of these things; for this is the nature of the multidimensional work, which is at hand for you.

Many will see you and you will visit and speak to many, but not at your command, at My command; and great miracles shall follow you everywhere you go. The old and infirmed, the demon-possessed and the drug-addicted, among others, shall even be healed, delivered, and set free by your passing. For, what was upon Peter and what was upon My Son in this way, will soon be upon you.

This is My love for you, My Child, and this is My love for My people. For, one prayer that you pray over and over and over again is for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls, and because you have prayed for this for so long, it shall truly come about through you.

So, go My Child, and be at peace. Worry not for tomorrow, for tomorrow is full of My awesome miracles for you and for many, many the world over. And the evil ones will quake in their shoes because of what is coming upon them because of My work through you, but this is how it was intended from the beginning. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God and these words, My Child, are the very last words of Book Ten."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of May, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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