Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Tents Of Meeting- Part 5
The Dream of the Storm

The day has been far spent, and the hour has been wearisome. I tiredly wait as I sit looking out over the lands. It has been a long journey, as the time has passed slowly, and much preparation has been done. It has now come to the end of the day, and the preparations have now ceased. All is finished and now awaits the fruit to be revealed.

I sit thinking of these things, and resting myself along the hillside. The tents are burning before me with a glow of readiness and anticipation. I can feel the tents. I can feel the anticipation growing within them. The King is coming. The King is within each tent, but He is also coming in a new way also. There is an air of expectation and trembling in the camp.

I can feel the trembling grow within me. I begin to scan the tents arrayed before me. Each one is full of God’s Fire and Glory, but awaits more, as they know the King is coming. The knowledge of this causes me to begin to shake and to be in awe. This is a glorious hour in which to be in God’s House. The earth has not seen this House yet, and it will shake under the weight of it’s unveiling. The Lord will be glorified in His House.

I sit there scanning the tents, and thinking of the revealing. I feel the beating of my own heart as I am amazed at all the Lord has done within us, in such a short time.

The Lord then said to me,”Why should you be amazed at My handiwork? All I need is a willing people. All I need is a humble people. All I need is a people who desire Me more than themselves.”

I turned and the Lord was sitting on the hillside next to me. He had been there for awhile, and had been watching me as I watched and thought of the tents below. He smiled, and said, “Yes, it is time for the unveiling. But it won’t come as many think. For all that I have done in the preparation, has been done from within, and from behind the scenes, and much of what I have done, has not been entirely understood by them, but it will become clear, as I unveil them.”

“Look, and see what now comes upon the lands.”

I turned, and followed the Lord’s hand, and out on the horizon, was the coming storm. It had grown and increased till it was a great spanse of darkness and fierce wrath. It was dark out, but this storm could be seen, as its darkness was not like the darkness of the light, but it was a darkness of form.

As I watched, the storm came closer and neared the edges of the outer most tents. I could hear the winds and the raging of the storm as it drew closer, but I also felt something that I had not felt for awhile. I looked at the Lord in surprise. He nodded, and solemnly looked back at the storm. “You have seen correctly, daughter. Justice has decreed that it now come. For the reaper must reap what is not Mine, and separate the Holy from the profane.”

“The destroyer must also come, and be given its own also. For the choices have been made, and the Word must now be fulfilled. What is Holy is Holy, and what is unclean is now unclean. What is for destruction is now given over to it. What is for purging and the fires of tribulation, is now cast into the furnace of affliction. What is for Life, is placed
in My House.”

I looked at the storm as He spoke. I shuddered as the coldness of the darkness came nearer. I drew closer to the Lord, as I wanted to be near His warmth and not near the darkness of death. He nodded and pointed to the storm.

The storm came closer and the tents burned brightly as the storm came to it’s edges of the fires upon the tents. What was amazing to watch was the wind and the thick darkness of the storm was rising and increasing as it drew near. The winds within blew louder and louder as it increased in size. The darkness became more darker, if that is a good description. It became thicker, maybe, or more intense. It also was cold, hard, wrath that was death itself. Then it dawned on me. The plague had begun.

Suddenly I jumped up, and ran down the hill towards the tents. I got up to the edge of the first rows of tents and the Lord stopped me. He said, “You cannot stop the death plague. The choice has been made. My Own are being brought into My House. You have warned and have declared the hour. Now it must come. For the reapers await the plague’s passing.”

I stood there, and watched as the Storm awaited the Lord’s command. The Lord raised his hand, and cried out with a loud voice, “Let those marked for slaughter, be given to the slaughter. Let those marked for destruction, be destroyed. Let those marked for persecution, be tormented and plagued and brought to their knees. Let those who are marked for the plague, be consumed by their own greed and hardness. Let
those who are Mine, be glorified in Me.”

The Storm lifted up, and raged and a great thick, black form of destruction began to pour forth in all directions over the tents and the lands. I cried out, and hit the ground on my face. I could not bear the destruction of so many. But the Lord reached down and pulled me up, and said to me, “You must not weep. You must stand. You knew this day would
come. You cried out with My Voice till all who would listen came into My House. The time to enter is now closing, for the storm is now come. The Destroyer now comes and will reap his due. The Death Angel will now pass over the land.”

“I have repeatedly warned My People of the coming storm. I have shown My Prophets. I have shown My Watchman. The Trumpets have sounded this day’s coming. There are no more warnings. My Grace has been given to My Own, and has wrought its work within them, so that they can now stand in this hour. All others will be given over to their portion.”

“The Day of Bondage is over for My People. I have brought deliverance to them. I am bringing them forth with a great release, and it will come as I did before for Israel when they were in Egypt. My people are in entering My tents. They are being brought into Goshen. They are in My place for them. They are prepared for their season, and will come forth, as the day passes and the new day is ushered in. I told you that it was the end of the beginning, and the beginning of the end.”

“The Culmination of all things has now begun. Just as I wrought a great deliverance for My People then, it was only a foreshadow and type of the great unveiling that I will break forth in this end hour. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything that had an end, is now reborn. I Am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. All things are wrought in Me, and through Me. For I AM in all things, and all things are created in Me.”

“The Death Angel now comes and takes what is not under My Blood. Everything will now be judged for it’s fruit, and each will receive it’s due reward. I have given time for My People to come to Me. I have made My Blood available for all men to receive. I have given all men the equal chance to come to Me, and to be redeemed and cleansed. I have waited till the wrath has been heaped up, and no man would live if I did
not bring forth its hour. Unless I release My Grace, and bring this hour forth, death would consume all flesh from the greatness of the sin that has accumulated. The cries from under the Throne have cried out for this day, that they would be avenged for their blood that was shed, and the injustice that has ruled over the people of God. Righteousness travails for Justice and Truth travails for the Unveiling.”

“I told you it would be a terrible birth in this nation. Indeed, it will be. All nations will reel under the exposure and the Truth that they have rejected. It will be a terrible price. It will be a terrible cry as the Truth brings the day into being. Men will indeed mourn for they rejected Me, and My Truth. There will be no repentance for each has been given over to their portion.”

I watched the tents as the Lord spoke. The Storm raged and it’s blackness was thick and cold as the Death Angel passed over. I could see it’s form spreading out like a huge black wave. It became like a dark cold blanket that began to spread out and unfold. I could feel the hate and the rage of its fury. It made me shake as I watched it cover the lands. I could not fathom the feelings that stirred within me and
wanted to be screamed out, but could not. The Lord only nodded at me. He too shared my feelings. He too desired His creation to live.

I said to the Lord, “What will happen to your tents, Lord?” The Lord said, “Watch and see.”

As I looked, the Lord raised His hand again, and suddenly I could see through the darkness and I could see the tents under the storm. The tents were burning brightly and were not even touched by the darkness, the plague, and the fury of the destroyer. They were not even affected by the winds that raged or the death that spread out. They were under
the Blood.

The Lord then said,” I said in My Word, that when the Death Angel passed by, those in My House will not be touched. But the firstborn of all men will perish that are not in My House. What you see is the destroyer taking the firstborn of all men, and bringing it’s power down to it’s rightful place. The firstborn of men, has always been their pride. The first born sons are always the proud and joy of the fathers, and they
always had the greater portion. The first born works of men have always been the idol that they erect and worship. The first born of animals were always reserved for the best and the choicest of all offerings, and have been given over to devils and the unclean sacrifices and have polluted the hearts of men with their adulteries and their rituals. Their sorceries have darkened the light of Truth and have defiled the land and the hearts of men. There are no pure altars among men or true worship anymore apart from My House.”

“The plague has begun. The Death Angel now comes, and the passing over has begun. The disclosing of the blood now unveils. I told you before, that what was not atoned for by My Blood would now be judged. What was not totally cleansed by Me, was now given over to uncleanness.My Blood will no longer be scorned. It will no longer be made as nothing in the sight of men. My Life is in the Blood. My Life is the Covering of My people. The Death Angel passes over, as it sees Me covering My House. For I have placed My Life within My Own, and they now stand IN Me.”

“Make no mistake, daughter. The reaper will reap. The destroyer will destroy and carry off its spoil. The plague will utterly purge the land, and what remains will be what is Holy. The terrible birth has begun. I told you that the angel Holiness and the angel Terrible have begun. It will now be seen what is Holy, and what is done will be terrible. For both have begun their trek across this land, before the Storm, as a witness to all men.

Many have discounted your warning. Many have discounted My Prophets, but it will come, for My Word always is
accomplished as I have spoken it. It will not come as they thought. But it will come as I have decreed. For My Word is the seed, and it now breaks forth.”

“What you see before you has now come to birth. It is now on the fringes of your land. It is at the threshold. It is the hour of unveiling. All we be disclosed. All will be reaped. Both houses will be filled. Mine and the Destroyers. The Hour of Travail has begun, and the storm now comes.”

“Your nation has chosen it’s head. It has made it's allegiances and will reap the fruit of it’s choice. They trust in their hearts desire, and will be given over to it, but it will not protect them, nor atone for them in the hour that now comes forth. Men will see who the True God is, and will mourn for their choice.

Oh, that men would choose Me as their King, and not place their hearts in men. Such has it been from the beginning, and such will it be till the end. The deceiver must rule for an hour and separate the houses. I told you that both the true tents and the false tents would be side by side till the end. The storm will purge out the true, and consume the false. For all things must be fulfilled, and be accomplished as it is written in My Word.”

“The Scroll is being unrolled as I showed you. My People are discerning and understanding the Hour, and they will walk in My Truth within My House. For they bear My Mark, and My Blood, and My Word. As the Storm passes over, My House will burn brightly with My Fire, as a witness in the earth. Nothing that is Mine will be touched. For all has been
prepared. My Glory is upon My Own and within her. I told you that those who were IN Me, were Mine, and were hidden IN Me, and were One with Me. All that is Mine, is Mine. All that is given to Me, I now will glorify in the earth. For I will be glorified. I will be seen. I will be revealed as Holy.”

“That which was, and that which is, and that which is to come, now shall be. For the Father will now be glorified through thee. These words I have told you. Now you will come to understand them. Now you will see them fulfilled in the earth, for the lands will now give birth.”

As the Lord finished speaking, He sat down again. I sat by His side. The tents were burning before us, as the scene changed back to the familiar setting stretched out in the twilight. The storm was on the outer edges churning, as it waited at the threshold.

Silence thickened around us as I pondered all I had seen and heard.

Then it all lifted, and I awoke from the dream.

- Susan Cummings
- 10-31-04

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