Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Tents of Meeting

I am standing beside the Lord. We are standing before a very dark area that is vast and very still. We are both standing in the darkness also, but it is brighter where I am standing, as the Lord illuminates the area around us. The Lord is looking out towards the darkened lands and I can feel the stirring of His heart within Him.

As I am looking at the Lord, a very gentle breeze begins to blow around us. It begins to swirl around us and then spread further out from us in a very definite pattern. It then begins to spread out to the dark lands before us that spread out as far as you can see. The wind is refreshing and yet, it is very alive. It begins to stir within me as it passes out from us. My heart begins to beat with a longing within me. I sense a great desire for the lands to come to the Lord.

As I turn to look at the lands, I notice that the winds have spread out and have begun to stir and blow up the land with a greater intensity. It is still dark, but I am able to know what they are doing, by God’s wisdom within me. I feel such a surge beginning to stir within me as I stand there. I look over at the Lord, and He is smiling. His eyes are lit up with a wonderful light, and a fierce longing in them. I am stirred in my heart even more. I look back with a greater anticipation.

As I am looking at the darkness that lies before us, I feel a great surge and it seems to come from the very bowels of the Lord. I also feel a very great turmoil rising up within me as I don’t know what this turmoil is that is flowing out. Then, a very great fire comes out of the Lords mouth, as a huge fireball, and it shoots forth with a ferocity that causes me to fall on my face in terror.

The Lord reaches down to me and takes my shoulder. He stands me up beside Him. I am standing right next to His side and He again releases a very great fireball out of His mouth towards the darkened lands. This time, His closeness has become a haven for me, and I am now strengthened and I am not afraid. Rather, I am feeling that tremendous surge as before. It seems as if it is pouring out of me as well.

I look out to where the fireballs have gone. The land is still dark, but there are fires that have lit up across the land, like little bonfires, here and there. As far as I can see, there are little fires burning strongly, lighting up the area around them. I am so thrilled to see these fires, and I feel such a joy to see them burning. I also can sense the Lord’s heart has expanded somehow, also at this sight. He has such a love for these fires that have begun to burn.

The Lord then speaks to me, as he stretches out his hand to show me the panorama of fires that lies before us. “ What you see before you daughter, is the Fire of My Presence that know dwells in the midst of My People.” As He said this, I looked and the whole area came into a closer view before us. I could see that the bonfires were really little tents that were pitched all over in the lands before us. They were burning with fires and flames were seen over the little tents.

“The tents that you see before you are My Tent of Meeting being raised up all over the earth. For I have chosen to place My Name in them. These tents will become My Holy Habitation in the earth. For I have come down to dwell with those who have kept themselves pure and who have set themselves apart unto Me. My Pillar of Fire will be within the tents and will be within them, as they come to meet with Me.

I will no longer commune with unclean hearts and unclean hands that reach out to me. I am coming to those who have crucified their flesh and have allowed me to circumcise their hearts, and who have nothing left to offer me except themselves. I have become their portion. They have laid their lives down and have overcome the evil one. Now I Am come, to dwell among them. I will be their God, and they will be their portion.

The rest will remain outside of My Tents, and will not have My Light of My Presence to guide them in the darkness, nor will they know Me. For all who have heeded My Call and My Voice, have now entered into My tents. The nations that see My Tents across the lands will fear and tremble at My rising. For I Am have returned unto My House, and I will be seen among them once again.

The surge that you felt was the release that has begun. I have shown you the release, and you also will release more fire, as I direct you to. For I am igniting My House in this hour. I am coming as a burning lamp and igniting everything in it. All that remains after I ignite it will be mine.

What you see that lies before you is what is to come. It is now the time of release. You will release My Fire upon My People and they will become the burning habitation of My Father. I have many assigned for this task, and they are all poised and ready to run with the Fire of My Holiness, just as you have begun to run. Do not fear, but press forward, and as you hear My Voice, I will release My Fire.

My Tent of Meeting has begun, across the lands. I will have a Holy Habitation! I will have a Holy Bride!

I Am coming to inhabit the waste places and make them into My Vineyard.

Look before you, and see the harvest. It lies before you, and it will be reaped!

Go forth now, for My Holy Fire has begun, and it will not stop till I have fully burned My entire House, and I have burned in it’s midst with My Glory! For I Am the Light of the World, and nothing will put My Fire out, for I have returned to My House!”

The Lord then left me standing before the vast darkened lands………………..

-Susan Cummings
10:15 am

The Tents of Meeting-II

I am standing beside the Lord again, and we are standing facing the darkened land before us. I can see the tents spread out across the land and they are still burning with the fire of the Lord within them and upon them. They seem like dancing torches in the wind that blows gently across the land.

I sense the Lord watching me as I look out at the scene before us. I turn and look at the Lord and he raises his eyebrow at me as if to question me. I quickly search my heart to see if I have assumed anything or mistaken anything, and he reaches out to touch my hand. He says, “Do not fear, I am only seeing if you see what I see.”

I then look at him, and I then look at the land before us. I try to see, but am unable to see what he might be trying to show me. I am saddened at this, as I so much want to feel what he feels and to see what he sees. He sees my pain, and he takes my hand in his, and says to me, “You cannot see this, as it has been hidden until now. But now I am showing it to the babes and to the pure in heart. It is time for My Bride to come forth.”

As he spoke, I began to feel a breaking within me, and I felt as if I were being poured out down through my feet and emptied into the ground. I had nothing in me left that had any life of it’s own. I was gone. I now was empty and I felt lost. The Lord then reached out and took my other hand in his, and held them both. He looked at me, and said to me, “You cannot give, what you do not have.” I then felt a tremendous rush of a thick fiery love pour right up out of the ground and into my being. It was such a passionate and fiery love, that I felt like I would burst if I did not have someone to share it with.

He then looked at me, and said to me, “Now you feel what I feel. Most people reject My Love, and you feel what I feel when it is not received or embraced. I have given My Word to My People to teach them of My Ways, and to learn of Me, yet, they choose to go their own way, and to reject Me. They cannot walk in true love until they have been emptied of themselves, and have experienced Me joining with them. My Bride knows this, and she is preparing herself for Me. She knows that I Am coming for her. She is stripping herself of everything that would cause her to not know Me or to be transformed by My Love. Then, I will come for her.”

As he was speaking to me, I felt alive, and vibrant, and full of Love. I could feel myself flying in the heavenlies, and yet, still was in his arms. It was so liberating and yet so fulfilling to be complete. I had not known what completeness was, and now I know what the bride will feel when the Lover of her soul comes to claim her for Himself!

Then the Lord shook me gently, and I looked at Him. He was smiling at my being caught up in His Love, yet, I knew there was more to what He wanted to tell me. I waited, and He nodded. He turned and looked out over the land again. I turned to follow His gaze. The tents were still burning, and they glimmered brightly in the darkness.

Then, the wind picked up, and the tents were blown upon more strongly. The fires burned all the more brightly, and were flaring up into greater flames. I became alarmed, as the flames began to rage as the winds increased. I could hear the sound of the flames crackle all across the land as they were whipped up and stirred in the stronger winds. It sounded like a forest fire, yet, there were no trees to be seen.

The Lord just smiled as He watched the activity in the tents and the fires increase. Soon, the flames were shooting and towering up higher and higher, whipped into a frenzy and roaring with a great ferocity. As they grew, their light increased, and it began to light up whole entire areas of the vast landscape. I could see patches of land here and there that were exposed by the now much larger fires. The land was barren and lifeless in the light of the tents’ fires.

I then noticed something unusual. The fires began to join together from the other tents. They began to grow so large, that they eventually merged upwards into a large pillar. The fires grew and grew taller and taller, and it looked like a fiery tornado that sat on top of all of the tents that were burning. Their fires had come together, and were now joined at the very top part.

The Lord began to smile very broadly at this time. I felt his desire began to burn even greater. I had never experienced the Lord’s great desire for His people like this before. It was a very hot fiery love and it was very focused and determined. It was solely given to His People. The people had His full attention and was His Possession. I could feel His Passion for them growing. It was so strong that I felt weak from it’s fierceness and it’s desire.

As I was experiencing this, the Lord moved closer to see the changing scene. I moved up closer to Him and watched as he began to point. He pointed to the flaming pillar of fire that was joined to all of the tents. As he pointed, I watch as the pillar began to grow taller and burn even brighter. It also began to take on different colors. It was changing, and forming at the same time.

The pillar began to turn into a shape of a woman. She had on a flaming dress of fire. She was attached to the tents of meeting that were burning in the land before us! She was the fire that burned within them, and that had now spread out from them! The Lord then said to me, “ You are seeing the bride rise up from within My House.”

“I have hidden her in My Chambers with Me until this hour. She has now begun to be purified in the fires of My Love and of My Truth. She will rise up from the place of Meeting with Me, and will be joined with Me, and will be Mine. I have joined in Covenant with My Own, and they have embraced Me in the fiery trials. Now they will know the Union with Me that they have desired. For I have come to awaken them.”

“It is time for Mine to awaken, and to walk with Me in the depths of that Union upon the earth. This is the hour that My Prophets have proclaimed would come, and that would occur before I come for her. I am fanning the flames within My People. They will either embrace the union with Me, and die to themselves, or they will reject Me.”

“The emptying of yourself that you felt is the dying that will be required to be filled with My Love. For My Love cannot be known apart from death. I am awakening My People to not only know Me, and to know My heart, but to also walk in MY Love and to become My Love to the lost and hurting around them.”

“It is at the point of that death, that My Love enters. That is why it left you and entered the same way. Through suffering and denial will come MY Passion. Then it will become apart of you and you will then know what I know, and see what I see, and feel what I feel, because you will have wholly given yourself unto Me.”

“You are seeing the awakening of My Corporate Bride to My Love and the rising up of her position in My House. She will finally be the True Bride who shines with My Glory. She will reach out to the nations as a witness of My Love. For it is My Love that came to the earth to redeem it from it's sin, and it is My Love that will come again, as a witness, before I return.”

I stood looking at the fiery woman who flamed above the tents.

She turned and pointed at me.

Then it was gone, and the little tents were burning brightly all across the land as before……………..

-Susan Cummings
10:15 pm

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