Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Moses Papers

‘Little differences can mean big miles of separation from God. Little differences create deception, fraud, and draw one away from the concepts of truth and righteousness. Yea, the ones, who split hairs and look to make divisions create gulfs within themselves and separate themselves from God. Great trauma is created by little differences! It is said that one ‘makes mountains of mole hills’. Nay, one makes gulfs out of molehills, gulfs between one’s self and God. It is said, ‘Forgive the little things that these not be allowed to fester and grow into big things.’ I ask, "How many of you have little things against your son, your daughter, your employer, or your neighbor? Will you find The Inner Chamber as long as little things weight you down? Nay, this shall not be. For, these little things are as grains of sand against a naked foot in a shoe. They abrade the spirit. They aggravate the soul and steal the Light of God. Nay, hold nothing against another; for, your grudges will keep you from God. Forgive and you shall know God’s true glory. If you will not, you shall wobble amidst self-deception. No preacher of The Word or attendance in any church can absolve you of these sands upon your soul. Only you can forgive another; and as you do so, Jesus will forgive you.

It is mightier to forgive with love, than to gift another with all the gold in the world. All gold is to be viewed with caution, lest it mesmerize you into thinking it is real, when it is only an illusion of happiness, loved by those, who are truly lost. Yea, gold will satisfy the senses, but destroy the soul. Look to Your Father in Heaven and to Jesus, Lord of Earth, for the eternal "gold", which is everlasting life. Jesus is the author of eternal life on Earth; for, he came in the flesh and gave His life to save all souls. I am Moses.’"

Strike the heart of the insincere from the records, from the books of God’s dedicated ones. For, the Insincere of Heart will fail in every measure before God. They will fail in kindness and in love. They will fail in receiving spiritual gifts. Nay, they shall not know the fullness of The Word, but shall thrive on bits and pieces. They shall never make it to The Mountain of the Lord, but shall perish in the dark forest of the Adversary.

Raise up your hands, O’ Sincere of Heart. Raise them up high to Almighty God, the one who carved the oceans in the Earth and made canyons from rivers. Raise up your hearts to Almighty God, who made you in His image, that you too should know the gifts of His mighty Spirit.

Nay, Sincere of Heart, you shall not fall. You shall not be neglected in the last day; but shall rise to new heights in your love for Your Lord, who is Jesus Christ, Lord of Earth, even one with God, given dominion by Him. Sincere of Heart, plow ahead with determination, and with love and honor for Your Lord, Jesus. For, if you love Him, you truly strive to live spiritual laws, given you for your own good.

Would a loving child obey his parent? Yea, he would obey; but the rebellious one disobeys. The rebellious one is lost in the dark forest of Satan and knows it not. The rebellious child is unteachable and is not counted among the Sincere of Heart; this one is lost to the cunning ways of Satan.

Look around you. How many are sincere of heart? Nay, not many; for most try to manipulate the world to suit selves. They deceive; they lie, and walk on the feelings of another to get ahead. Yea, this is the way of the world. Little Ones, be in the world; but, not of it. Take television from your home; it fills your house with darkness. Fathers and mothers: Guard your children from the Internet; it is a snare, ready to dig into the soul of the innocent child. Likewise, the Internet has lured many an adult into the evils of pornography.

Yea, pornography is bondage; for to lust after another is to commit fornication in your mind. You married men, who lust after the darkness of pornography commit adultery; and this drives a stake in your relationship with God. You attract evil entities, which feed on your lusts and drive you through thought transfer to lose control, so that you are in a war daily for your very souls. When you abide pornography, you shall in no wise have The Spirit of God. Instead, you fill yourself and your home with evil entities, which are set to destroy you. You, who love pornography, go in ignorance thinking that what you do is harmless because you have forsaken spiritual laws and walked away from the tried and true. You believe you can do as you will with no consequence, but you cannot; for every action, good or bad, has consequence. In the closets of your mind, you have stuffed the truth: You reap what you sow. When you hurt yourself, you hurt those, who love you. To hurt yourself may seem innocent to you, but your actions reach far into your environment in ways that you will never dream. Where you go, the end results of your actions go, whether to a super market, a school, or telephone; and you never escape who you are and what you do. Your unrighteous behavior makes wide sweeps, but in like fashion, your righteous acts affect many. The power of the Holy Spirit goes with the righteous and carries wholeness wherever it goes; yea the power of the righteous to bring lasting changes is great, indeed. Righteousness avails much.

Long live the Sincere of Heart, those, who truly love Our Lord through and through. For, theirs are kingdoms without end! I am Moses’

"Judgement is mine," thus saith The Lord.

Bright eyes and ears adorned with radiance of The Holy Spirit, hear the resonant voice of The Lord. For, His spoken word is clear to those with the bright eyes and ears bathed in such a way. Hearken to the voice of The Lord. For, unto Him is given to judge, to condemn, and to sanctify before the measure of truth and right. Yea, He is given the measure, the rule, by which all conduct is measured over time.

And, so have you been given the rules by way of The Commands of God, brought by me and brought to new and greater levels by Our Lord, Himself. Fall to the ground in obedience to His Word. Follow His laws, that you be not lost and confounded. But, leave the judging to Our Lord.

How many of you have condemned another to hell, when ‘the pot was calling the kettle black’ as you say? How many have tossed the first stone from a glass house? How many have left the homeless to starve, and gone living amidst luxury and plenty? Are you, any of you, so perfect, so mature spiritually, that you can condemn and judge? For, that, which you condemn and judge you have been, or you shall be.

To rise above a state does not give one a right to condemn others below. And, to fall below does not give one right to condemn those above. Yea, reach out to the lost not with condemnation, but love, gentle reprove, and compassion. And, teach them a better way through example. For, condemnation cannot help, but hurt. Rejection cannot bring up, but casts down. Deliberate hurt cannot heal, but destroys. Humiliation cannot bring together, but divides. Division of one against another by any manner of falsehood or negativity casts stones to the one, who divided.

Love and compassion are the mortar between the bricks of companionship. Gentle persuasion is that, which mixes the mortar. It holds together love and compassion. Let your thoughts be gentle, yea kind one to another. Wish no man ill will. For, this is the devil’s tool of destruction. Send thoughts of kindness, of love and compassion to your enemies, that they may see you with like eyes. The soft heart carries the ability to soften hearts. The wise among you learn these things early on. The rebellious spirit takes much time. I am Moses.’

‘Never on a Sunday’

‘Blessed Ones, you have been told to never toil and labor on a Sunday. For, a Sunday, the Sabbath day of the gentiles, is a day of rest. Yea, let there be a day of rest among you, where you toil not, but dedicate this day to worship of The Lord, Jesus and Your Father, who is in heaven. Dedicate this day to forgiveness and making amends. Dedicate this day to a service of love for another.

This day is only one seventh of your time. Yet, you have chosen to neglect this day of service to The Lord. You have chosen to bypass this day for whimsical reasons and for love of the material. You have chosen to chase violent sports, like football, and have made this the god of your Sundays. You have chosen to eat, drink and be merry and even to carouse with harlots. You have chosen to rot off your spiritual leg, to despise your journey before Causes of Righteousness. Great numbers of you turn your faces in shame from the principles of good and right.

Yea, you stomp the heavenly commands, given you for your own good. You have denied The Lord that which is His; and have gone selfishly with your abundance. You have neglected your commitments to one another to chase vanity; and you have left your children to fend for selves. Yea, the very core, the very structure of the family unit, has caved in and allowed an unholy alliance between yourself and Satan to take hold of your destiny. You have forsaken the Lord, Your God; and you have blasphemed His Name. You have made cheap, Holy Places, and prostituted His Purity. You have sold His goodness to the highest bidder. Yea, you have trampled His Robe of Righteousness. You have chased after whore churches, which are empty and lacking of His Spirit. Yea, you are a proud, a haughty, a stiff-necked people; and the door of destruction is open to you the world over. I clap my hands three times over North America; for, all of you shall whine and have cause to seek the face of The Lord before your time is due. Yea, the clouds of destruction shall fall with a mighty wind and you shall cry out to God. But, He shall be slow in hearing. For, in your time of plenty, you chased false gods and gods of old. You have relied on your own devices and kicked Him out of your heart, out of your home and your life. You have brought up your children to serve false gods. Have you forgotten that He is a jealous God, that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? Yea, you have forgotten this. You have strayed mightily and the foot of The Almighty God is upon you! A year shall not have passed before you see the handwriting of the wall. For, you are doomed as a nation and as a people. I am Moses.‘

‘Blessed is he, who loves the Lord, Jesus, with all his might; for the Lord will shield this one in His love. Yea, the Lord knows the Sincere of Heart and will not play second best. Those, who profess love for Him, must show real devotion; they must follow the Lord in simplicity and humility.

Very few will sacrifice the material in the face of plenty. Those, who know plenty, stand the greatest chance of becoming lost. In the face of plenty, they will cling to the material and the false sense of joy and security, which it affords them. Yea, they will become confounded the fastest.

Was Solomon not made the wisest of all Israelite Kings and blessed mightily with material wealth and riches? Yet, he forsook God’s laws. He chased harlots and those of pagan religions, even to the building of places of worship for pagan gods.

Yes, the one with plenty eases God out of his life the quickest, becomes lost the fastest, and knows spiritual ruination first. Remember this: Our God is stirred to anger when those he blesses turn on him to serve other gods. When His anger is kindled, He will allow dark forces to prevail over those He once blessed. Yea, he allows this destruction; He stirs up the evil ones to overcome, to overtake those, who have forsaken Him.

Yea, you say, "God is love." But, He is a jealous God; and He demands strict obedience to His laws or He will turn from you. Yet, He is a merciful God; and when those, who were blessed and turned away, come back, they are blessed again. God does not respond to the Insincere of Heart; He responds to those, who humble themselves before Him, and place Him above all in their lives. He wants all to love Him with the fullness of their hearts, not just a small portion. He wants all to think of Him continually and pray to Him all day every day, not just on Sundays.

He blesses those, who love Him completely. These are the ones, who will be raptured out. Many are confounded about the rapture process; they believe lying preachers of the word, who lead them down the primrose path. Those, who are raptured out are the pure of heart, who love God and His Beloved Son completely in honor and obedience.

Jesus is strict and demands that God’s spiritual laws be obeyed. When you walk in obedience, you honor Him and Our Father, who sent Him. In all things, you must show love for Our Father and His Beloved Son; and likewise you must love your brethren. I am Moses’

‘Condolences to the Lost’
Beloved Children, weakness in all things spiritual across much time can bring one’s soul to a state of utter devastation. As the dog chases its tail, the one, who loves the material, also chases his own tail into the eternities. The one, who loves the material, brings utter confusion into his life and into the lives of those around him.

Children, get your hearts right. Weed out selfishness, jealousy, disharmony, hate, malice and all negative feelings, because they drag you down into the Pits as fast as a stone dropped into a lake. You, who disrespect your parents and wreck havoc in your homes, steal not only the peace of your own soul; you steal it from the souls of others. Your behaviors are of the worst kind and you pay a mighty price.

Stop the disharmony by being obedient to God’s Laws. You have been given the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Love; yet, you flaunt your rebellion in the face of rules. This rebellion is an abomination to God, the Father and it, too, will carry you into the Pits as fast as a stone falls to the bottom of the water.

Cherish one another. Love one another. Be patient and suffer long in the face of obstacles. Reach out to the lost and the weary; and set up brotherhood among yourselves. Yea, you have become so self-reliant that you think you need no one else.

In the coming years, many shall perish for this self-reliant attitude. You shall not make it through these hard times without help from others. You must learn to give, to take, and to help the less fortunate; and, you shall survive and prosper in the face of adversity. I am Moses’.

‘Good Comes to those, who follow God’s Laws’

‘Beloved, hold tight to the laws of God and keep His Commands. Walk the straight and narrow; forsake your love of the material and come back into the obedience of His Laws. Honor the Lord, your God, and love Him above all. He will keep His promises to you and He will lift you up at the last day if you love and honor Him with all your that you are.

Make your path simple, that you be not confounded; and keep your way straight. Veer neither to the right nor to the left, but keep focused on the Lord and your God. Those, faithful to Him, shall see many miracles in these latter days; for, He is true to His Word that these times are like none other.

Feed your spirit with the Light of God that it does not darken and die. Feed it daily with the Holy Spirit, that you have the power to overcome. Be worthy to have this Spirit by nature of love, forgiveness and obedience to God’s Commands; and keep Jesus Christ at the front of your mind each and every day, that you not be tricked by Satan and his glamour. Beloved, keep your life simple and with all your heart, cling to Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Life. I am Moses’.


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