Saturday, March 11, 2006


“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, the people in this land are a rebellious house! They are full of every kind of rebellion, of every kind of witchcraft, sorcery, drug addiction, porn addiction, winebibbing, alcoholism and drunkenness. They are full of vanities and every kind of lie!

The preachers over this land overwhelmingly fill the ears of the people with harmonies and they dance to the tunes of Satan. Few, My Child, and I mean few, very few, are true to Me and My directives. These errant preachers slap their hands with the Satanists and with the sexual deviants and perverts, who run this government from the highest offices, and they call them good! These same ones run and say that they serve Me, but they do not serve Me. They clap loud and they sing loud and they praise Me and shout and then they go and lead their adulterous lives! They raise their families on the sex and violence of television and they see nothing wrong with this way. They lounge in their fat and they wallow in their filth, while their hearts are full of idols and their mouths are full of every kind of deceit.

I am true to My word, My Child! While these whores have perverted My word and while they have perverted the world with their backslidden ways, I have put those over you, who hate you! I have filled this government and this court system with Satanists and sexual perverts and deviates. I have put evil over you as you love evil, yet you see it not! I have removed My Spirit from your churches and now you must look far and wide to find any church, which is truly guided by Me and My Spirit. I have given you lies as you love a lie and in place of My Spirit, I have sent strange fires into your churches and you are all the more the fools, for you see not and you know not what I have done! But, you bow down to this strange fire and you clap your hands to it and you worship this strange fire.

The people have run after signs and wonders and I have given you deceiving and lying preachers, who are full of the strange fire and who give you the signs and wonders of Jonah. Yes, this land is PUTRID! It is rotten to the core and now comes the judgement!

You cannot say that you have not been warned! Oh, I have warned you a plenty! I have sent My prophets among you with My warnings and you have mocked them! You have scoffed them and you have thrown them out of your churches! I have sent My warnings via mail to you and via e-mails and you have read them and have thrown them into the trash.

If you lying preachers had loved Me at all, and if you had loved My people, you would have told them the errors of their ways. You would have told them the truth, but you do not tell them the truth. You do not tell them to repent and to forsake their whoredoms. You do not tell them that My Son is coming back for a church without spot, wrinkle, or blemish! You tell them lies and you cause them to err in their ways as you lust after the filthy lucre, which fills your pockets.

Oh, the shame, which is upon this land! Oh, the darkness of Spirit! Oh, the evil, which has taken over My house! And, this land shall not long stand as it is, for it is full of every kind of evil and you lying preachers care not what exists in your midst!

Oh, there are a few preachers, who are righteous! You are scattered here and there, but truly you are scattered; and you care what is happening! But, you are few, indeed, and you are unable to change the masses!

But, I tell you now, that save you lying preachers repent and save you cause My people to repent en masse across this land, I shall put my fist in your heartland and I shall consume it in My wrath! Then, I shall dry up your cornfields and I shall send pestilence into your wheat fields and I shall dry up your lands all over America and Canada until you cry out in hunger! Then, I shall strike down your dead corn stalks and wheat fields with the ravages of war.

You shall reach for milk for your babes, and you shall find none; for I shall send every kind of disease into your animals. And, if you will not then repent, I shall totally turn you over to war! I shall send devouring armies into this land and I shall utterly scorch this ground with deadly weapons. I shall dry up your rivers and I shall devastate this land with earthquakes that are so violent that the mighty Mississippi widens its gates and runs backwards. I shall level your houses and I shall destroy your farms and your factories, save you repent before Me with weeping and wailing.

You, America, are a perverse nation. I have made you great and you have become the greatest harlot in the world. You have destroyed the innocent and you have even polluted the heathen with your perversions and whoredoms. You are a shame upon this world and your senseless wagging tongues, who peddle My Name, have caused My people to lose their way; for your errant preachers are but cowards before Me.

You lying preachers will not stand up for what is right, but you bend this way and that way to suit the people. Oh, My anger is risen against you and I shall smite you errant preachers with death and disease, save you repent before Me; for you are deceiving My people. You will correct Your early-out rapture lie now, or you will correct it in hell, when you face all those that you have led there!

My Scriptures plainly tell you in the Book of Revelation and in the Book of Daniel that the saints are killed. They are killed! They are beheaded for the testimony of My Son, but you teach another doctrine, a doctrine of demons and devils!

You lying preachers and you false prophets have blood on your hands and I shall require this of you, save you repent and save you cause My people to repent! The time of grace for this nation has run out and you are now into your last seven years. You will awaken to your horrors and you will repent now and cause My people to repent now, or I will turn you wholly over to your enemies, who will destroy this nation!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of May, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Relevant Scriptures, which show the rapture lie!
Book of Daniel
Daniel 7:21-22; Daniel 7:25; Daniel 8:23-25; Daniel 11:32-35; Daniel 11:45; Daniel 12:1; Daniel 12:7

Book of Revelation
Rev. 2:21-23 & 26; Rev. 6:8-11; Rev 7:9-14; Rev. 12:10-11; Rev.13:3-8; Rev 16:5-6; Rev.18:23-24;
Rev.20:4; Rev.21:7-8; Rev. 22:14-15.

From the Mountain Prophecies

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