Saturday, March 11, 2006

Enough Is Enough

Prophecy through a prophet friend in E. Florida
Dec. 2, 2003

Today the people say, 'speak only smooth things, I don’t want to hear anything bad.' Well the false prophets are saying 'prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, all is well. We will fly away; we will see no judgment. Put away the prophets of gloom and doom.' Well I say, 'Thus saith the Lord, judgment is coming; it is coming swift and soon.' I say to the prosperity prophets, 'You will be shamed. The people will walk away from you. The walls of your false prosperity will fall. The people will not listen to you anymore.' My true prophets have been rejected and put away, but it will not last. When all judgments come under the earth, they will call them out of their dungeons and say 'What else did the Lord have to say?' Gross darkness is coming and is coming very soon, people will fear and tremble and not know which way to go but the lord will bring light and light will be in that darkness. You will see who is of me and who is false. Truth will come forth and the people will be brought to the light and in truth and the fear of the lord will they come. Out of love and mercy I will restore and I will heal. I will take away your idols and you will put nothing before me. I'm about to shake this earth. The earth is my foot stool and the heaven is my throne. Turn away from the darkness and this world so you can have life. A great shaking is coming. I will put peace on my people that know me and I will protect those that love and know me. Enough is enough, judgment is coming. Thus saith the Lord!

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