Tuesday, March 14, 2006

by Susan Cummings

On Saturday, Dec.4th, 2004, I began to have a series of short mini visions. These were repeated several times during a conversation with a fellow minister on the phone, but each time, it came just as strong and real. This is the vision:

As we were talking, I began to hear the wind blowing. I could hear it blow all around and it was a wind that reminded you of a cold winters wind. I began to see a dimly lit area, where there was a door opened. The wind was blowing from behind the door. It was not easily discernable at first, as the only thing that gave its location away was the sound of the wind blowing.

The wind was like it was blowing after being pent up for a long time. The door was dimly lit, and it seemed that not many had come this way for a long time, or that many failed to use this door as it was not favorable to look upon, or desirable to enter through.

The lighting was dim, and it was foreboding to draw near to the door. I could feel the wind blowing and hear it's rushing as it moved in the area behind the door. I was hesitant to draw near and to see what was there in the wind swept room.

I related this vision to my fellow minister on the phone, and he felt that it was the Judgment Seat of Christ that had opened, and that the Righteous Judge was behind the door. It brought a sense of anticipation and holy fear to us as we talked about it.

Since that time, I have pondered this vision, and it's repeated coming to me. The Lord has spoken to me about this door, and this is what He has said....

"Daughter, I am opening the ancient gates that have been long closed to My People. There are many gates and each has awaited it's opening and it's entrance into the affairs of men. I have long held back many things, as I have spoken to you before, and in my word. There are many avenues yet to learn of through my word, and men think that they have long ago figured out my word and have it mastered and all planned out. But it will be seen, that very little has actually been given them to understand."

"This door is the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning. It is the Threshold of the Final Hour. It is the Way through which all men will walk and will come to their final destinies. I have always given men a choice, and I have always given them opportunity to walk in My Ways and in the Light of My Word. Each will make their choice, and will walk into the final hour with their fate sealed by their own words."

"This door has been opened and will remain till the end, as the culmination has begun, as I have repeatedly told you it has. But men do not believe, nor do they care. For they only want their own way and not Mine. This door is dimly lit because it is the least desired of all doors. It is the door that opens up to the Judgment Seat of My Son. I told you that My Son would judge all things, and into His Hands have I placed that authority. It is time for all men to choose, to judge themselves, and to seek My Son."

"The Threshold of the Final Hour is the final door that will open up all of the final events and judgments, and what was sealed will now be seen. What I told John and Daniel and others to seal up for the last hour, has now been opened. I have opened the way to all things, and it will come through My Son. There is no other way for men to be saved, except through My Son, yet few embrace My Son. Few embrace My Judgments. Few cry out for Holiness and Truth in their lives. They refuse to enter through My Gates and come before Me, so that I might judge them and cleanse them. Few desire the Truth, and shun My Gates."

"So, I have opened the way, and it will now be released, and no man will shut it, or hinder Mine from coming to Me. But, know this, now that it has been opened, what was sealed will now rush through the door, and usher in the Final Hour upon the earth. For My Spirit has been brooding, and striving with Men, for generations, and no longer will I hold back. No longer will I brood, and strive over my creation, crying out to them to come to Me, for I now rush forth, and I will work My strange and awesome work in the lands. I will cause all men, women, and children upon the face of the earth to acknowledge that I am the Eternal God. For all will come face to face with Me and will choose their path."

"The Final Hour has come, and the Storm is at the Threshold as I showed you. All is in readiness, and now is opened. Woe unto those who refuse My Son. Woe unto those who go their own ways, and reject My Truth. Woe unto those who go out into utter darkness and who do not love My Light."

"The Way has been there the whole time, but men do not come. Now the Wind of My Spirit is blowing, and is moving in this Final Hour, and it will be just as you saw. It is indeed a dark wind that blows with full force. I am the Righteous Judge. I am blowing across the lands. I am bringing My Justice. I am bringing My Truth. I am bringing My Word to pass, even before all men. It is the Truth that will judge all men. It is the Word that they rejected that will bring them to the end."

"Either My Truth will set men free, Or the Lie will rule over them."

"For both have gone forth, and both will gather men in."

"Men have desired to see the Final Hour and have rejoiced thinking that the Day of the Lord would be a joyful thing, but they have not known the hearts of men, nor of the Hour of Trial that now is opened and is released, and they have not discerned the multitudes that are at the precipice. There is no joy in seeing My Creation given over to the lie, and to death, which was reserved for the devil. There is no rejoicing over the lost of Mine who walked away from Me. My Son gave His Life for each of them, but they reject the Truth, and so go forth to their final portion."

"What men have also failed to understand is the Glory of My Body that is also being released at the same time. I have wrought a great and glorious work in the earth, in the caves, and in the hidden clefts of the earth. I have fashioned a Glorious People, who have embraced My Judgments, and who have gave Me their hearts and lives. I have held them for this Final Hour. I have kept them and gave them My Glory. They have awaited this Hour and have been content to be with Me."

"It is to these, that you have seen the release of today, as you have also been released, these have now come forth from the door. The Wind that you heard from behind the door, is the wind of the Spirit that blows through them, and that is now coming out from them, and out of the door. Come and see."

I walk up to the door. It is still dimly lit, and it is cold, and I feel afraid to touch it. I am shaking as I draw to the doorpost. I can hear the wind as it blows all around me, and as it rushes from within. I cannot see much, but the dimly lit area in front of me. I cannot enter in.

The Lord says," You could not enter in, because of the fear that you feel. It is right that you feel this, as it is My Holy Fear that you feel. I am the Righteous Judge, and the Fear of the Lord is now given to Mine, to rightly judge the Truth, and to reverence Me with. I want you to see what lies within the door."

I step into the door, and the wind suddenly stops. It is dead silent in the room. It is dark, and it is cold, and it is silent. I fall on my face, and cry out in terror. Lord, do not slay me, for I am wicked and am unclean before you. Grant me your Grace to stand and to behold your face." The Lord says to me, "Stand and receive My Grace."

I stand, and I look at the Lord who is standing before me. He is smiling. He points to His Left, and shows me what is around us. I look, and I see multitudes of people. They are standing in the darkness, the dimly lit room, and it is full of the Glory of the Lord. The people are emanating the Glorious Fire of the Lord as a million Jewels would in a newly opened cave.

The People are standing together as one Body, and yet are individuals. They all seem to be thinking at the same time, and yet individually. I can sense their thoughts and their hearts. The Fire is burning all through them, and it burns with the Seven Spirits of God. All of the 7 Spirits of God can be seen upon them, through them, and within them.

The Lord then says to me, "Why would they not be full of Me? I am full of the Glory of the Father, and the same Glory that I had, I have given to them. You also carry My Glory. All of Mine, will go forth, full of Me. For I am the Glory and the Covering over My People."

"My People will walk with the same knowledge of the Father that I have, as they are His Children. I have given them, all that I am. I told you this in John 17, and it is time for them to go forth, in that same power. For it is the Final Hour. The Hour that I will be Glorified in the earth and in My People.

"What you see are the Burning Jewels that I will now fully release into the Flaming River from My Throne. I told you that Daniel 7 was opening before the earth. It is time. For I have now stood, and I am making My Judgments known and on behalf of My Own. I am releasing My Justice and My Judgments in the earth and in My House. Both will be seen."

I look back at the flaming people who stand before the Lord, and who emanate His Glory. I look down at myself, and see the same fire burning. The Glorious Fire of the Lord flares up all around me, and then it rises into a great blaze. We worship as the Glory of the Lord overshadows us and covers us.

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